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Gurgan is an agent with the DMS, Freelance Division. He is partnered with Derwin.

Agent Profile[]


Wears old, ragged clothes, mostly. Doesn't really care, so long as it's A) not too threadbare, and B) not too bloodstained. However, he ALWAYS wears a black cap.

He has a metal tongue, having lost his old one in an incident that he does not like to go into. This, coupled with his eye patch, chain-smoking, and severely scarred visage, induces a sense of mild discomfort in those he works with.


Gurgan is ghoul who has been around for a very, very long time. This, combined with his three years of service in the PPC, has left him jaded, cynical, and grouchy at the world in general. He does have a (very) hidden heart of... if not gold, then at least shiny copper. He likes to sleep a lot, and is surly when woken up too early. Which, in his opinion, is pretty much all the time.

Has a legendarily foul mouth and an immense dislike of pretty much everyone, but especially ex-Sues, believing that "No-one really changes, not really. Once a Sue, ALWAYS a Sue." But he is a loyal friend (if you can stand him). In fact, he considers the few friends he DOES have as family, not that he'll admit it.

Notes of Interest[]

He was once turned into a rooster in a minor transformation crisis. Although for the most part the condition was reversed, there was some rooster DNA left in his system. This DNA manifests itself during times of extreme emotional stress in various ways: he'll sprout a beak and feathers, for example, or he'll start to crow. But this is a temporary transformation, and he is usually back to himself within six hours.

Agent History[]

Doesn't like to talk about his time before the PPC. If asked, he will just say that he "has some issues that need to be worked out." What IS known is that before the war, he was a barber living in DC.


He has been in the PPC for about three years now, although he has only been in the DMS for about one. Before transferring, he was in the DoF. Has been with three partners before Derwin.

Missions Reports[]

Home: None yet.

Partnered with Derwin[]