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The Great Goddess GreyLadyBast, sometimes known as the Grey Lady, or simply Bast, is a retired DCPS caseworker and PPC goddess. She abandoned her temple many years ago, and it has been mothballed ever since. She was created by GreyLadyBast.

Agent Profile[]

Agent Bast was a rather grumpy Frodo-loving catgirl. [1] As a goddess, she occasionally appeared as a giant grey feline, and wore a Most Holy Hat.[2]

Agent History[]


In 20032004 HST, Agent Bast was a caseworker in the Department of Character Protective Services. As the agent responsible for protecting Frodo Baggins, she worked closely with the other Hobbit caseworkers: Thalia Weaver, Kaitlyn Jackson, and Chelsea Miller.[3]

One of her final acts before leaving the DCPS was to pen a short poem, "An Ode to Bleeprin":[4]

Oh Bleeprin, you magical pill!

You easily cure every fanfiction ill,
From sweet Mary Sue, all covered in glitter
To Pippin and Gandalf, slashily a-twitter,
Every tenth Walker, each OOC elf,
Every middle-school girl who inserts herself,
Elrond's many daughters, Galadriel's fairy niece
Only you can make the pain cease.
Between Abusive!Denethor and Evil!Faramir
We'd dig out our eyes if you were not here.
From Legolas porn to Aragorn rape
And those weird fetish crossovers with Frodo and Snape
You blunt all that horror, even Suella Deville

Let's hear it for Bleeprin, that magical pill!

Great Goddess[]

Around 2004 HST, GreyLadyBast was proclaimed the Great Goddess of the PPC.[5] The reason for this remains unclear: it may have been due to association with the Egyptian goddess, a vision brought on by sacred mushrooms,[6] or simply feline whim. Given that her High Priest was Dafydd Illian,[7] whose understanding of the mortal world can be a bit erratic,[8] it may be a mix of all of these reasons and more.

As PPC Patron Goddess, Bast possessed her own temple[9] and smote infidels with regularity.[10] Her cult had many followers, including all three of her fellow Hobbit caseworkers,[7] though she was rivaled by the dark god, Kit.


The Great Goddess abandoned her temple, her followers, and the PPC around 2005 HST – certainly well before the end of 2006.[1] The temple was closed down by Dafydd, who left a note on the divan.[9] The reason for her departure is not generally known, but Dafydd later confided to his wife that it may have been slightly his fault, a bit.[11]


GreyLadyBast was created by and named for the Boarder of the same name, one of the three original Permission Givers who left the PPC ca. 2005 and wore a Most Holy (or at least spiffy) Hat. She was also the creator of Agent Mary Sue, in the early PPC spinoff Taken Far Too Literally,[12] who later appeared in the Hogwarts Fanfiction Academy's Battle of the Canon.[13]