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One of the three original Permission Givers, this fixture of the PPC was there at the beginning but has since left the Board. While she was there, her fictional self was the PPC Goddess. She even possessed her own temple and smote infidels with regularity. Her cult had many followers, though she was rivaled by the dark god, Kit. As goddess, she appeared as a feline and wore a Most Holy Hat. The PPC has since been without a deity, although its reverence for canon seems to have sustained it. She is not to be confused with the Egyptian goddess.

Bast wrote a story parodying Mary Sues in Middle-earth, "Taken Far Too Literally," starring an unfortunate young woman named Mary Sue. Jay and Acacia guest-star in the end and recruit Mary Sue to the PPC. She goes on to help defend the Hogwarts Fanfiction Academy in the Battle of the Canon.

Bast also wrote an ode to Bleeprin called, quite fittingly, "Ode to Bleeprin." It was archived here, but is also reproduced below for convenience.

Oh Bleeprin, you magical pill!

You easily cure every fanfiction ill,
From sweet Mary Sue, all covered in glitter
To Pippin and Gandalf, slashily a-twitter,
Every tenth Walker, each OOC elf,
Every middle-school girl who inserts herself,
Elrond's many daughters, Galadriel's fairy niece
Only you can make the pain cease.
Between Abusive!Denethor and Evil!Faramir
We'd dig out our eyes if you were not here.
From Legolas porn to Aragorn rape
And those weird fetish crossovers with Frodo and Snape
You blunt all that horror, even Suella Deville

Let's hear it for Bleeprin, that magical pill!