Greg is one half of the agent pair that runs a Magic: The Gathering card shop in HQ.

Agent HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Greg. He joined the PPC for no specific reason, probably by saying "Why not?" and shrugging.

Partnered with JulienEdit

Greg mostly tags along with his partner, which led to him kind of co-running the card shop.

Agent ProfileEdit


Greg has all the hair Julien lacks. It's a very dark shade of brown and usually hangs in his face. Somehow, he still manages to see through it. His hairstyle leads to his face being nigh-unreadable. He has no real clothing preference besides "not too warm and not too cold."


Greg has never really had any goal in life and nearly no hobbies he has real interest in. From time to time, he tries something new, only to find out that it isn't his thing and he stops it. His main reason to do things is that he doesn't really have anything else to do.


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