An adjectivore grammasite feeding on a prison ship in Great Expectations.

I looked at the gunport and frowned. I had expected it to be old or dark or wooden or rotten or wet, but it wasn't. But then it wasn't sterile or blank or empty either—it was simply a gunport, nothing more nor less.
—The results of an adjectivore feeding.

A grammasite is a fictional parasite that feeds on words. It is native to the Thursday Next continuum, first appearing in Lost in a Good Book; agents who visit that world can become vulnerable to grammasites. Now that it is no longer a Quarantined Continuum, agents should be aware of the potential threat.

Grammasites are parasitic creatures that can feed on both objects and characters. Different varieties feed on different parts of speech. In fictional characters, they can cause illness or even death. The treatment is to remove the grammasite from the afflicted individual as soon as possible.

Grammasites travel from book to book by moving through adjacent covers. This process is called oozemosis. In their original canon, Jurisfiction employs verminators to hunt them down.


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