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We have the power of gods. That does not mean we can play God.
—Kaito Nakamura, Heroes

A godplayer is often a form of self-insertion through use of an avatar.

They commonly break laws of canon and generally warp the story or role-play to be as they see it, regardless of anyone else. Usually, said canon manipulation is used as a way to a) get to the Lust Object, b) kill off the character/s they don't like, or c) rewrite an episode or season or film or book so that the ending suits them. The effort fails 98.7% of the time. Godplayers will gain new powers randomly, warp canon to the point that it is unrecognizable, and sometimes even declare themselves completely immortal.

Due to their extreme over-poweredness, dealing with a godplayer in a Suefic can be difficult for Agents who have not received special training. The Department of Godplayers was set up to deal with godplayers, with its agents receiving additional training in canonical weaponry in order to have a chance at dealing with such difficult missions. After the collapse of the Department of Godplayers, the Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species took over the role of handling overpowered Sues.

In role-play, someone who uses these strategies will take control of others' characters, not just creating canon breaks but severely annoying the other players.

Gem Stoned and Forlay were Godplayer!Sues.