Not to be confused with Kindheart.

Gloria Kindheart, alias Gen, is an agent in the Department of Geographical Aberrations.

Though the four agents involved in her recruitment went in originally thinking her to be a Sue, Gloria proved to be not quite that bad—though the fic around her was—and as a result made the decision to recruit her instead. Apart from missing her friends and parents (who she knows she can never see again, though not precisely why [they're all dead already]) and getting over an annoying habit of tacking "-th"s onto the end of words for heavy emphasis, she's adjusting well to the PPC.


Though not a combatant by any means, Gloria possesses an interesting relic of her home fic's writing: she can telekinetically warp space-time. Though the exact extent of this ability is still undetermined, she has shown the ability to lengthen distances and "jump" from one point to another. It is theoretical that, if trained, she could use her talent to think noncanonical lands out of existence, hence her current assignment to the DOGA.


Gloria's "assistant" is a sentient rabbit charm which answers to the name "Greg," which can transfer consciousness into and animate any inanimate object it's attached to by its clip-and-chain. Originally, it was attached to her shoulderbag; now, Gloria keeps it attached to her laptop computer, to provide advice and allow the device to be operated hands-free.


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