The word "glod" is sometimes used by PPCers with atheistic leanings as a substitute for "god." It also appears in variations such as gloddamn and glodawful. The term has its origins in the Discworld series by Sir Terry Pratchett.

On the Disc, there are dwarfs. It is a well-known fact that dwarfs love gold. (Of course, they don't really; they just tell it that to get it into bed.) They dig for gold, they sing about gold, and some of them are even named after gold.

Or at least Glod. If a dwarf's father was named Glod, he might even be called Glod Glodson. And if Glod Glodson were to send a couple of fellow band-members to fetch a piano to round out their sound, they might say they were on a mission from Glod. And they would be right.

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