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Glitter, as collected by the DMSE&R

If you were looking for the article on the Mariah Carey movie of the same name, shame on you.

Glitter. It shines, it sparkles, it's multicolored, and oh Gods, it just came from that exploded Sue!

Glitter is a common substance to be found in the average Mary Sue. It's what makes them so sparkly. A few Sues even dissolve into glitter upon death. It is found in their blood, and if you decide to perhaps sample a Sue Soufflé in the Cafeteria, it will also be found in your stomach. The Spectrum of Suvian Species describes the levels of glitter found in various types of Sue.

Hazards of Glitter[]

In fics with one or more particularly bad Mary Sues, objects and areas that have not been fully described may actually be made of glitter instead of Generic Surface.[1]

Some agents are allergic to glitter. They should not eat the Sue Soufflé.

Inhaling too much glitter can cause Sueicosis. Fortunately, it is treatable.


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