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The Gladiolus is currently the head of the Division of Bad Het in the Department of Bad Slash. Prior to the events of the Reorganisation, she was the head of the DBS.

In 1999 HST, she was one of the Flowers found to be in collusion with the Mysterious Somebody; she, the MS, and several other Flowers were expelled from HQ, and took over the Mary Sue Factory. Her old job was taken by the Queen Anne's Lace.

In 2006, she was one of the Flowers who betrayed and captured the Mysterious Somebody before his assault on HQ, but failed to prevent his escape. In the aftermath of the invasion, she and the Nightshade returned to the PPC; the Nightshade was made the new head of the Department of Operations, while the Gladiolus was held on to until a position as a division head opened up. As of late February, 2008, she had been appointed head of the newly formed Division of Bad Het.[1]