Ginger-Wise is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by TheShyIon.


Ginger began as a red-headed Hermione replacement in a particularly terrible romance badfic. In her home fic, she was rather a jerk; she's toned that part down a bit since, due to developing an actual personality, but it still crops up on occasion. Besides that, she doesn't have much history––in-fic, she was a completely flat character, and only began to show any sort of depth once The Aviator, still Rina Dives at that point, and Randa Roan confronted her.


Because of her home fic's insistence on describing absolutely everyone as having "long, lean" arms, Ginger is a bit taller and slightly thinner than canon Hermione. She has curly red hair that she'd straighten if she had the time; as such, she restricts herself to the occasional complain when it misbehaves. She's also prone to wearing as much makeup as she can manage (which is less than she'd like, given the lack of downtime between missions) and (much to her annoyance) only has copies of the traditional black outfit in her wardrobe, aside from her Hogwarts robes.


Ginger's personality hasn't fully developed yet, but the beginnings of one have still appeared. She enjoys arguing quite a bit too much, especially with her partner, and has somehow ended up with a sense of duty to said partner, possibly if because Alloy dies, she'd have nobody to "tease." Ginger routinely goes a bit too far with her "teasing," which is one of the reason she gets into so many arguments.

Due to being a former Hermione replacement, she's both an avid reader and a quick one, with a good memory for what she's read. She's also prone to snatching her partner's books before said partner is finished reading them.

Mission Reports Edit

  1. Recruited in "When Stus Stalk Sues" (Harry Potter)
  2. "Enter Badfic" (RWBY)
  3. "Interlude One: Non-Understanding"
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