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Ginger, art by Neshomeh

Ginger was a PPC agent in the Department of Floaters written by The Oracle at Delphi.

Ginger is remembered as highly unstable, violent when drunk, drunk often, and especially protective of her personal space, which is at least five feet in any direction. She always had knives somewhere on her person. She probably still does.

Ginger seems to have been a PPC agent since 1994. She was first partnered with Agent Merith and later partnered with Gata. She also worked with Trainees Lha and Lee at different times, and was very temporarily partnered with Agent Wing in early 2005. During her partnership with Gata, she was temporarily assigned to the Sorting Room due to bad behavior. She also had an unknown partner before Merith who went insane. She now has a daughter, Henna, was engaged at least for a time to an agent named Kageru, and has retired. She might or might not have returned to PPC work, however.