Gijinka is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Opinioned Angel.

Agent ProfileEdit


Gijinka is fairly short and a bit heavyset, something of which she is very aware. She also has brown hair and blue eyes, and wears glasses due to being nearsighted.


Hailing from World One, Gijinka got into anime at a fairly early age, which in turn lead to other interests. She also started writing fanfiction... but her early works are a source of old shame, prompting her to join the PPC to atone for her early mistakes. She does have an interest in improving her writing skills.


Gijinka is somewhat of a mixed bag, personality-wise. On the one hand, she is generally cheerful, easy-going, laid back, and at times, downright immature. However, she also can be bad-tempered, impatient, sarcastic and cynical with a sardonic sense of humor. She is often considered a bit eccentric, what with her unusual interests and tends to come across as a bit of a scatterbrain at times, and is has little to no sense of time or direction whatsoever. Gijinka is open-minded with a strong sense of justice, and absolutely hates it when things she likes are messed with, often forcing her partner to hold her back. Gijinka has a weakness for cute things, a tendency to ramble when she’s excited, as well as a transformation fetish that she’s a bit embarrassed about. Gijinka gets along fairly well with her partner, Agent Keats, though she will sometimes pick on him.

Mission ReportsEdit

Home: RC 113

Partnered with KeatsEdit

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