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Genetics is the science of hereditary characteristics in living organisms. The father of modern genetics was Gregor Mendel, an 18th century monk, who observed that specific cosmetic traits in strains of pea plants are predictably passed from parents to offspring. While the heredity of some traits, such as those observed in Mendel's peas, is simple, most is very complex. Very little of it works on the same basis as, say, blending blue and yellow paint to get green, as many people assume. For more information, see the other wiki.

Mary Sues sometimes attempt to use this science to create speshul powers or heritages for themselves, not realising that the results are actually genetically impossible.

Sueish Genetics[]

  • Half [insert magical creature]/half human.
  • Being one-third anything.
  • Crossbreeds of non-human sapients, such as the Wearet.
  • Weird and wonderful eye/hair colours.
  • Sue-per powers, inherited from a parent.
  • Being descended from parents that cannot canonically reproduce.

Sueish genetics and their study is the purview of the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research.

Charges and Exceptions[]

Genetic impossibilities or improbabilities is a serious charge for some, more scientifically minded agents. Others may quibble that it is all bad biology, which can also be a charge.

If naturally having strange hair and eye colours is canonically possible (as it may be in many anime and game fandoms), this is not considered a charge by itself, but must be supported by other charges. Having blue hair is fine, but having "luscious aquamarine locks that flowed like a silk waterfall past her knees" would be a charge.

Superpowers and other traits are explicitly heritable in some continua, in which case merely inheriting powers from one's carrier parent(s) would not be a charge. However, if the character has five powers when only one or two is the norm, or if the character exhibits a type of power inharmonious with those shown in the canon, it's still a charge.

Mary Sue DNA[]

Mary Sue DNA is composed of snippets of description of the Mary Sue in question, usually in urple prose. Worryingly, it also contains genetically coded imperatives to destroy canon characters.[1]