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The PPC General Store is run by Leto Haven and his minis. Note the word his: there has been some confusion in the past.

The Store[]

Since PPCers hail from many different universes, the PPC General Store generally works on a barter system. There, one can purchase Bleeprin and its derivatives, energy bars, coffee, Sue blood, chocolate, and other edible and semi-edible substances. Due to effects on characters, items like chocolate will not be sold to beings of Middle-earth. Leto does not want Eru to fry him.

In the back of the store is Jane's Alchemical Shoppe. She is most noted for her `Ye Olde Colourful Poison.` The colour range of these poisons range from white to black, going through urple and wilver along the way. The most common poison is the blue one that basically paralyses the recipient upon digestion.

Staff: The main staff member is Smeagul the mini-Balrog. He likes shiny things and does not like theft. The other mini of note is Pheonix the mini-Aragog.

Note: The PPC General Store has no weapons or armor in stock; those are obtained at the Armory. Also, should you need a PPC gadget, the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology is the place for you.


Small Murphy runs a competing shop to the General Store, rather unimaginatively termed Small Murphy's Goods and Services. Like his competitor, Murphy does not sell weapons, though he is willing to pawn off pretty much anything else, including miscellaneous PPC gadgets. He leaves the sale of weapons and ammunition and the like to his brother, Big Murphy, and his store in New Caledonia, which has a similarly competitive relationship with the Armoury.


The General Store has its own series of stories. It can also be visited in the PPC Computer Game.