Gemini after Legolas heals her

Not to be confused with Gem Stoned.

Gemini Stone was a Mary Sue slain by Agents Jay Thorntree and Rhus Radicans. She appeared in a Lord of the Rings badfic.

Character History Edit

Gemini was a supermodel from Earth who received facial burns (source unknown), spent most of her time angsting about her "marred beauty," and refused to say anything but "Tolkien" while in the hospital. Then, intending to commit suicide, she jumped out the window and into Middle-earth. She was accompanied by Terri Baltimore, her friend and fellow Sue. "Luckily," she ended up in Mirkwood, and was conveniently found by Legolas. She also randomly gained the power of telepathy.

Charges Edit

Gemini was charged with "being a Mary Sue, muddling and meddling with burn scars—they burn in patches, not lines, dear—of making Legolas act out of character, of being a super-telepath, of creating a MASSIVELY ANNOYING tense shift, of ignoring capitalization rules ... mischaracterizing illithids ... and of inserting places like a bathhouse and 'Loideran Grove' in Mirkwood. I also notice that Gimli is nowhere in sight, and he really ought to be with Legolas after the war of the Ring."

Character Demise Edit

Rhus killed Gemini with a battleaxe.

Mission Report Edit

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