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Not to be confused with LotR Sue Gemini Stone.

Gem Stoned was a godplaying Animorphs self-insert Mary Sue-cum-fanbrat killed by Agents Tawaki and Tangara.

Character History[]

This Sue's influence was felt even before she arrived, as the Animorphs' maturity level dropped like a stone. Before long, Jake stepped down as leader. Enter Sue. She had made the Animorphs into fans of her stories on The Pit, and they made her their leader. She told them they were in a book series.

At school the next day, she met her rival, Forlay. Then, in the barn, she told the Animorphs that she was recruiting them for her petty squabble with Forlay, who had recruited Harry Potter.

Character Death[]

That was when Tawaki and Tangara intervened. They threw her off the Arn wall cities on the Hork-Bajir homeworld.