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Galeya, formerly Galaê, was the uncanonical five-year-old daughter of Aragorn and Arwen and sister to Eldarion and Râna (now Rina Telcontar). In the badfic she was created in, she and her sister provided the Sue with a purpose - namely, babysitting.

When the fic was taken on by Cassie Young and Nat Freidar, they decided that the two uncanonical daughters were worthy of rescuing and pulled them out. They were renamed and sent down to the Nursery.

A Ten Years Hence report has shown that Galeya will be assigned to the Department of Floaters when she turns fifteen. However, her comments and her hero-worship towards the veteran Slashers Trojanhorse and Paddlebrains indicate that she will be transferring to the Department of Bad Slash just as soon as she can convince the Flowers she's mature enough.