Gadrik is the son of Gall and Derik, born in March 2019 HST. He has dark, curly hair, blue eyes, and a light olive complexion.

At less than a year old, he has already proven to be quite the handful. He has more than his share of adventurous spirit from both sides, not to mention smarts of the cunning, problem-solving variety, which is a dangerous combination in a toddler. Being raised by a Viking who thoroughly believes kids are meant to get into trouble to learn how to cope with life as adults, an ex-dragonrider whose excess of caution often extends to how much he feels he ought to involve himself with his son, and a Monstrous Nightmare who is, in fact, a dragon, Gadrik's childhood is set to be a bit fraught. Still, both his parents love him, and he also has Thoth for a guardian. Though he might lack for consistent parenting, he'll almost certainly survive to adulthood.

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