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Known in full as Godawful Fanfiction, this message board is just what it sounds like. The GAFFers find the worst fanfiction out there—worse even than what we in the PPC normally see—and post short excerpts, mocking without mercy. While the PPC is Mary Sue heavy, GAFF tends toward the bad smutfics of any description. Some fics sporked on GAFF have been used in PPC missions, but not many. It can be found here.

Various members have been affiliated with the PPC over the years.


Flaming is much less discouraged there than in the PPC. Perhaps because of this, the GAFF boards have suffered in the past from tireless trolls who spam their forums. According to the trolls, this is because they believed GAFF was taking its sporking too seriously—and we all know how trolls are attracted to Serious Business. Given the fact that this information was found on GAFF's Encyclopedia Dramatica page, this is probably not entirely truthful. However, various role-plays on the old boards cast GAFF as a somewhat PPC-like organisation of warriors battling the Suvian threat and often just barely winning, often played or started by GAFFers who do take it too seriously.

GAFF has been relocated several times because of these posters, most notoriously a troll by the name of Johnny Wizard; in the last incarnation of GAFF, its owner (known as The Site Guru) tried to cut down on this by requiring members register in order to post or even see most of the site. The site was eventually taken down when the admin grew bored and tired of the amount of money he put into keeping the site running, but its membership replaced it with The House of Bad Fanfiction. This, too, went down when the admin was revealed to be a troll and Something Awful got involved. Eventually, the Why, God, Why? forum was made, with several old GAFF members returning. Some members of the PPC are known to have joined this forum. However, the site has progressively become less and less diligent about sporking badfic, with the "New Releases" section often neglected. The forum as a whole is mostly dead these days.

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