Frances Grant is an intern in the Department of Floaters. He joined the PPC in May 2010. He was created by PoorCynic and is now written by anamia.

Agent ProfileEdit


Frances is of medium height, with black hair that falls over the left side of his face and green eyes. His skin used to be tan, but it has paled a significant amount since he came to the PPC, mostly because he has yet to see some sunlight. He wears saggy black jeans and a hoodie zipped up almost all the way, though he has been known to unzip it partly to reveal the black t-shirts underneath, undermining the theory that he wears nothing underneath it at all. His usual expression is one of displeasure or sullenness, and he is known to not really want to be here at all. Sadly for Frances, he doesn't seem to want to be anywhere at all, so few people have any sympathy at all for him.


Despite his choice in clothes and lack of desire to have anything to do with the PPC, Frances is actually a relatively happy person, though he does have his moments of depression. These can be easily cured with the application of chai, but HQ seems to be lacking in it. He often skips out to a continuum with a Starbucks and stocks up. The Flowers are not terribly happy about this. He has a healthy respect for assassins, as is proper for an intern and someone who usually goes around unarmed. It is unlikely that he will eventually become one himself. He has expressed an interest in disentanglement, but for the moment has been assigned to the Department of Floaters to give him an idea of what all the departments do.


Frances was hired as an intern when his parents, not knowing what else to do with him, submitted a job application. He was, of course, hired, and soon found himself falling through a plothole into HQ. Understandably confused and annoyed, he was taken to see the Marquis de Sod, which, though it did not make him any less confused or annoyed, at least meant that he did not say so out loud. He was quickly assigned to the Department of Floaters, and has fallen under the wing of Agent Martin Carlini.


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