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Not to be confused with Foxglove Official.

Foxglove is an assassin in the Department of Mary Sues.


Foxglove is about the same age as her partner Laburnum. Age is difficult to track in HQ, but according to Foxglove they're both aging at World One Standard Time because they have to keep track of the routines of the vast range of prescription drugs Laburnum is taking. Seventeen is their best guess.

Foxglove is a little on the short side (pardon the pun) and lightly built despite all the junk food she eats. Her father is of African descent and her mother is Bengali. Her skin is dark, and her eyes are brown. Her hair is black and has a tendency to frizz, so she straightens it and keeps it in two braided pigtails. Unusually for a PPCer, she actually likes to wear pink, which has earned her a few odd comments. She wears second-hand jeans with clumsily handmade embroidery all over them, and her favourite shoes are a pair of very battered pink trainers a size too big, inherited from her older sister. She has five siblings (older sister, older brother, twin younger brothers, and younger sister) back in World One, which probably explains why she's dubiously sane. She's "not qualified to handle a unicorn," but little else is known about her past as of yet.

Her given name outside of the PPC is actually Violet Chandrani Burke. She chose her favoured Redwall fursona, a hare, as a really sad pun about the famous murderers Burke and Hare.

Her favourite weapon is a duelling sabre, given to her by the Official Fanfiction University of Redwall after the purging of That Series. She named it Choppy; she's aware that a sabre is not a chopping weapon, but "I already used Pointy and Stabby for my daggers, Slicey doesn't roll off the tongue very well, and I think we can just forget about Slashy."

During the battle for HQ in the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion, Foxglove lost her left eye.


Foxglove is a lot more outgoing than Laburnum, and had a much better social life before joining the Protectors. She's apparently very close with her family in the Real World, to the point that she told them about the PPC. Despite this, there are apparently parts of her past she doesn't like to talk about; she threatened a student at the OFUR who recognised her from back home. It's not yet known why.

She tends to be slightly more energetic and giggly than Laburnum, and more prone to making thoroughly obscene jokes — though Laburnum usually thinks of similar jokes at about the same time. Foxglove's just more likely to say them out loud. Despite her friendly persona, she can be just as cruel as Laburnum; the execution by Drip Rat was her idea.

She is the proud owner of a Hellpuppy named Crow, who sadly does not get along with Laburnum's Hellpuppy, Net.

Both Laburnum and Foxglove are career-long assassins. Their one attempt at a bad slash mission did not go well, as the bathos left them laughing hard enough to break the Somebody Else's Problem field, resulting in a brief hand-to-hand fight with the characters. They won, but Medical didn't take kindly to having to patch up the mess they made.

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Some missions also available at RC 88 - in progress.

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