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Four Demonly Kings is a PPC spin-off written by KnShirayuki and is also the name for the group of four agents featured in it. The spin-off can be found on Blogspot, with mirror Wix and Dreamwidth versions.


Kaguya signs up for the PPC in hopes of dealing with badfic-induced craziness, with his loyal maid/housemate/fangirl Momoka tagging along. Together, they work as a pair of agents of the Video Games Division of DMS and eventually recruit Urato and Inasuke, with whom they form an unofficial agent quartet.

Featured agents[]

  • Kaguya Hazama – RC 381, DMS - Video Games Division. Pretty-boy botchan with badfic-induced Jekyll-and-Hydism.
  • Momoka Shigisawa – RC 381, DMS - Video Games Division. Die-hard loyal housemate and assistant to Kaguya, has a healthy interest in hot guys.
  • Urato Tomiyama - RC 🤘, DF. Recruit from a particularly nasty Touken Ranbu badfic, Kansai-accented manly-man.
  • Inasuke Akagashi – RC 🤘, DF. Recruit from a particularly nasty Touken Ranbu badfic, fan of cute and pretty Western things.


For a spin-off listing without summary, go here.

Spoiler Alert!
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Post type
Interlude (prelude) RC 381's Not-So-Humble Beginnings None Late 2021 (part 2) Oct 2021
Part 1: Momoka, who was orphaned at 15, was taken in by the wealthy Hazama family, where she spent the next 3 years being a maid out of gratitude and harboring a crush on handsome Kaguya.

Part 2: Kaguya and Momoka are now in PPC HQ and have been assigned an RC. The former reveals to the latter he has a kind of badfic-induced craziness that causes him to lose control over his body every time he reads badfics, thus he's signed up for the PPC to deal with it. Momoka, while being unwittingly inducted, decides to stay and become Kaguya's partner.

Mission Of Reader-Inserts and Space Travel Touken Ranbu Late 2021 Oct 2021
RC 381's first mission into a bad you-fic with too many superfluous spaces and abuse of image insert feature. Momoka's first time seeing Kaguya's "angry mode" in action.
Mission Of Misandry and Falling Dividers Touken Ranbu Late 2021 Oct 2021
RC 381 take on a rather annoying Sue that turns all touken danshi into hormonal lust-puppets who've never seen a woman. Marks first appearance of TouRabu-verse minis.
Interlude Like a Giant Doll None Late 2021 (part 1) Oct 2021
Part 1: Kaguya applies makeup while Momoka watches.

Part 2: Kaguya was born to a family that runs a successful upscale hotel chain where he helped out at as a certified tea ceremonist.

Mission Of Trans-Dimensional Snatching and Poorly Done Metafiction Onmyōji Late 2021 Nov 2021
RC 381 take on a Sue that does a very poor job at metafictional humor and drags Ichimokuren into her world for a flimsy reason, and an OC is rescued. Marks first apoearance of Onmyōji-verse minis.
Interlude Hotel Hell

Don't Mind the Screen

None Unclear/backstory Nov 2021 (post 1)

Feb 2022 (post 2)

Post 1: 17-year-old Kaguya was being accosted by a group of unruly customers at his family's hotel before his father Takeo intervened.

Post 2: When Momoka's father was alive, he often complained that she played too much games.

Mission Of Jumbled Storytelling Orders and Historical Aberrations Touken Ranbu Dec 2021 Nov 2021 - Feb 2022
Part 1: Momoka is afraid that Kaguya's "angry mode" will cause him to be lost in a fic. They then start a mission where Kaguya indeed ends up lost and is seemingly replaced by a mysterious stranger named Kōga Ishitani.

Part 2: Momoka and Ishitani carry on with the mission, and the Sue continues to be especially bad: an unrepentantly abusive and tyrannical leader as well as a temporally impossible relative of a (real-world) historical figure.
Part 3: Ishitani starts being physically tormented by the fic's badness.
Part 4: The two meet and eventually recruit two OCs, Urato and Inasuke. SPOILER, highlight to view: Ishitani reveals himself to be Kaguya in DORKS disguise all along, and the Sue is brought down. Kaguya later reveals that the fic's badness, rather than putting him in "angry mode", hurt him physically, thus making him disguise in a stronger form to endure it and avoid worrying Momoka. Urato and Inasuke undergo necessary procedures to join the PPC.

Mission Of Appearance Updates and an Abundance of Minis Onmyōji Jan 2022 Mar 2022
Kaguya has been changed fundamentally by the previous mission: SPOILER, highlight to view: his hair has suddenly grown longer, and his "angry mode" behaves differently from here on.
Interlude Matryoshka Madhouse None Jan 2022 Mar 2022
Urato and Inasuke adjust to PPC life as they're assigned an RC nested inside RC 381.
Interlude Four Demonly Kings None Jan 2022 Mar 2022
Part 1: Urato is homosexual and is attracted to Kaguya despite not getting along with him.

Part 2: Inasuke doesn't like Kaguya, whom he perceives as enslaving Momoka.

Mission Of Pastel Colours and Ridiculously Cute Critters Pusheen the Cat Early 2022 Mar 2022
Urato and Inasuke have their first mission in a continuum least expected to have badfics. Marks first appearance of Pusheen and Neko Atsume minis.
Mission Of Misgendering and Character Possession

Of Desserts and Dragon Sickness

Touken Ranbu (post 1)

Strawberry Shortcake (2003) (post 2)

Early 2022 Mar 2022 (post 1)

Apr 2022 (post 2)

Post 1: Momoka thinks she has become useless after the changes that have happened to Kaguya.

Post 2.1 and 2.2: Urato and Inasuke take on three abhorrent Sues in the Strawberry Shortcake fandom. Marks first appearance of 2003 Strawberry Shortcake minis.

Mission Of Arch-Enemies and an OOC Demon King

Of Borderline Engrish and Unlabelled, Weird AUs

Onmyōji (post 1)

Touken Ranbu (post 2)

Early 2022 Mar 2022 (post 1)

Apr 2022 (post 2)

Kaguya is stuck in RC 🤘 and reluctantly missions with arch-enemy Urato, while Inasuke is stuck in RC 381 and missions with Momoka.
Interlude The Wonderful Woe of Being an Online Gamer None Apr 2022 Apr 2022
The Four Demonly Kings have been stuck together in RC 🤘 for days. Three of them discuss a strange development in one of their games.
Interlude In the Hall of the Lipstick Prince None Unclear/backstory Apr 2022
Snippets from when Kaguya and Momoka were in high school.
Mission Of Ballet Slippers, Orchestras and Hideously Long Paragraphs The Nutcracker Apr 2022 Apr 2022
The Four Demonly Kings' first mission together, taken while they're still stuck. As the fic is based on a ballet, its Word World stages the mission like a ballet, much to the agents' dismay. Marks first appearance of Nutcracker minis.
Mission Of Gourmet and Boredom Shíwùyǔ / The Tale of Food Mid-2022 May 2022
Momoka is bored by the cookie-cutter Suefic missions she and Kaguya are constantly getting.
Mission Of Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust Disney Fairies / Tinker Bell Mid-2022 May - Jun 2022
Part 1: Urato and Inasuke take on an annoyingly wangsty Sue in the Tinker Bell fandom, but things turns out to not be as simple as they seem. Marks first appearance of mini-sprinting thistles.

Part 2: SPOILER, highlight to view: They run into Momoka, who's missioning another fic. Turns out, RC 🤘's fic has "merged" with another Suefic which Kaguya and Momoka are missioning.
Part 3: SPOILER, highlight to view: Kaguya is found unconscious. Turns out the two fic have merged with a third fic, whose content is so disgusting it renders him comatose.

Mission Of Canon-Copying and Human Snowboards Gintama Mid-2022 Jun 2022
The Four Demonly Kings mission a boring Gintama Suefic that liberally copies from the manga/anime SPOILER, highlight to view: with Kaguya still unconscious from the previous mission. Marks first appearance of mini-Justaways.
Interlude Danses des Bonbons et Chansons des Pâtisseries None (heavily referencing Dessert Shop ROSE) Mid-2022 Jul 2022
Momoka hosts a party full of Kaguya's favorite desserts SPOILER, highlight to view: in order to break him out of catatonic state.
Mission Of Boys' Days Out and Implausible Divine Parentage

Of Girls' Days Out and Ludicrous Gary Stus

Disney Twisted Wonderland Mid-2022 Jul 2022
Post 1.1: Kaguya, Urato and Inasuke take on two God-mode Sues. Momoka's absence proves to be a problem, as only she can understand Kaguya's "angry mode" speech. Luckily, the group meets a background character capable of the same thing. Marks first appearance of mini-Overblots.

Post 1.2: The group accidentally comes in direct confrontation with the Sues despite being unprepared. The stranger, Fáelán Portavius, reveals that SPOILER, highlight to view: the agents have alternate universe counterparts in this continuum.
Post 2.1: Momoka is reluctantly partnered with Luxury to take down an incredibly disagreeable Stu.
Post 2.2: The Stu's behavior grows worse, and he's revealed to have an implausible backstory. He manifests ludicrous powers at the end, putting people in danger SPOILER, highlight to view: and tearing portals in the fic's world.
Post 3: SPOILER, highlight to view: A portal the Stu has created leads the girls into the boys' fics. With help from the AU selves of the Four Demonly Kings, the group survives while both fics' Sues mutually destruct due to their powers. Fáelán joins the PPC.

Interlude, AU Through a Mirror, Not Quite Darkly Disney Twisted Wonderland In-universe time Aug 2022
SPOILER, highlight to view: The alts of the Four Demonly Kings resume school life after the mission.
Mission Of Extra Dorms and a Sense of Belonging Disney Twisted Wonderland Mid-2022 Aug 2022
After the previous mission, Inasuke has decided to get into the continuum in order to feel like he belongs in his group of friends.

Additions to continuity[]

  • Mini types for the following continua:


  • The name "Four Demonly Kings" (四夜叉王 Shiyashaō) is a reference to the Four Heavenly Kings (四天王 Shitennō) and the Four Yakṣas (四夜叉 Yon'yasha) in Buddhist mythology, as well as the fact the four agents are surnamed after characters from the novel The Golden Demon (金色夜叉 Konjiki Yasha).
  • The agents have their last names taken from the novel The Golden Demon by Meiji author Kōyō Ozaki, while their first names reference characters from Japanese folklore.