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The Fountain as it appears in the PPC Computer Game. Mini-Balrog statues not shown due to graphical limitations.

When an agent has been on a particularly grotesque mission, he or she would often like nothing more than to swim in the Fountain of Bleepka. Bleepka is a Bleeprin derivative, consisting of Bleeprin mixed with vodka substitute. Swimming in the fountain is guaranteed to erase all but the most indelible traumatic memories from one's brain.

The Fountain is located in a large atrium near the HQ Cafeteria. Agents may pass it on the way to or from the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology.[1][2][3] It is surrounded by life-size bronze statues of mini-Balrogs.[1] It has been rumored that the HQ Pool is somewhere near the Fountain of Bleepka,[3] but so far, even the most enterprising agents have failed to find it that way. At least in our universe; agents of the Enforcers of the Plot Continuum have located it, as have the Flowers once.

At some point in 2010, the DIA got involved in an incident where the Fountain was filled with whipped cream, but it can be assumed to have been dealt with quickly.[4]