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Daniel Jehan Florence Philippe Hak'tar Hapsburg Wash Faramir Damien Liam Khan Tobias Norrington Higiri-Toombs (aka Florence) is the son of Agent David Toombs by a Mary Sue who was seeking to seduce Alec (don't ask). He has an almost terminal cuteness factor, and was used as a diversion and destroyed a scouting arm of 'Sues during the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion with a shoulder-mounted thermonuclear missile.

Being the product of an agent and a Sue, he's a bit weird. His lineage is so muddled as to be almost untraceable, as the Sue in question changed her bloodline at least twice a day. At last guess he was 50% human, with elements of elf, Veela, cat-demon, and angel making up the remainder of his genetic code. As a result, it's hard to determine just what he is, so when asked, he usually responds with "mutt." His age shifts regularly, but the last time anyone checked he seemed to be about six years old.

He does not appear to have any Mary Sue powers.


Florence is an albino, and one that actually follows the rules of Real World albinism. Unlike most Mary Sues, he does not have kewl red eyes, but pale blue ones, and he requires glasses to see just about anything. He is also very sensitive to sunlight, so the general climate of Headquarters agrees with him. When he does venture outside, which is rare, he dons a fedora and a trenchcoat.

And sometimes Koster puts him in dresses.

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