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The Floating Hyacinth is the Department Head of the Department of Floaters. In contrast to most Flowers, the Floating Hyacinth varies in whether it is referred to as "it" or "she." See Gender and Flowers.


It is, like most Flowers, sarcastic and brusque. However, as discovered at the Fifth Anniversary Celebration, the Hyacinth loves to dance (though will only do so when drunk). It was seen exchanging numbers with the Clover, who it complimented as being "a wonderful dance partner." It generally places a lot of trust and responsibility on the shoulders of its agents. The consequences for breaking said trust tend not to be pleasant if what happened to Rez and Flip is any indication.

When angry, it does not lose its temper, but rather grows cold and Vetinari-like.[2]


The Floating Hyacinth Awakened on Origin in the third and final radiation pulse. It became a technology broker, and was instrumental in the official first controlled plothole transit.[1] It was appointed Chief Supply Officer and Garden Economic Liaison by the Marquis de Sod,[3] and became a fixture in Headquarters; when the Sunflower Official founded the Organisation, the Floating Hyacinth was made a member of Hornbeam's Department of Infrastructure.[3]

When the Department of Building Operations and Maintenance was formed during the Cascade, the Floating Hyacinth's supplies came under its remit.[4] It later became the head of department, with the Morning Glory taking its place as Quartermaster.

Following the 2006 attacks on HQ, the Floating Hyacinth became a member of the Board of Department Heads, replacing the Lichen due to Floaters supplanting the DIC among the three largest Action Departments. It has remained on the Board into its third and current incarnation.[5]

During the 2008 Macrovirus Epidemic, the Hyacinth barricaded itself in its office, waiting there until the danger had passed. In April 2009 it made an appearance in Marcus Langston's third published mission report,[6] when the agent and his temporary partner visited its office to report strange occurrences during the mission. After receiving the report, it promised to investigate and alert the Queen Anne's Lace if it proved not to be an isolated incident, and sent them on their way, though not before berating Marcus for his sloppy performance in recent missions.