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Agent Five of Six, formerly known as Hydro, is a Narnian dryad, specifically a beech nymph. She retired in 2009.

Agent History[]

As Hydro, she worked in the Department of Mary Sues, Garfield Division, and was partnered with Stoneship Tayrime. The two of them owned Nurmal the mini-Monday and Glinta the mini-Scoodler. She was assimilated by the Borg during the Assimilation Crisis, but freed soon after. She hated her given name and decided to keep her new appellation. At some point she was partnered with Marcella, then with Tadkeeta, most likely in DOGA.

She and Agent Tadkeeta have been good friends since they were children. With Agent Tira Avrona (Tadkeeta's partner at the time), they founded the Mermaid Club, an all-female swim club.

She married Agent Dustin O'Grady, her then-boyfriend, when Agent Sebak inflicted pon farr on her.


Five of Six figures somewhat heavily in Agent Tawaki Penguin's missions, though her own are for the most part undocumented.