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You might be looking for information on the Eldar, from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Firstborn, in PPC terms, are those Flowers who awoke at the very beginning of their history. Due to their unique circumstances, they are generally the only Flowers to have names, rather than species descriptions. Thus, they are fairly easy to spot.


The Firstborn awakened on Origin in the second pulse of radiation from the black hole at the centre of the system—or, in the case of the Sunflower Official, the first pulse.[1] In the immediate aftermath of their Awakening, they did not possess a verbal language; instead, they engaged in a mind-altering communion until an accident introduced them to full mental 'speech'.[1] They were unable to recover the communion, and all Flowers Awakened after the invention of language were unable to participate.

The communion changed several aspects of the Firstborn's minds. They have a fundamentally altered view of everything they knew about during the communion,[1] and are able to detect mnemonic traces from objects;[2] in fact, they are able to form a partial communion to amplify such traces.[2] They are able to immediately recognise another Flower, both by species and as an individual.[1]


The primary way to identify Firstborn is by their use of names beyond simple species descriptors. However, some Flowers who Awakened in HQ also use names, muddying the waters somewhat.

Known Firstborn[]

These Flowers have been confirmed to be Firstborn.

Unconfirmed Firstborn[]

These Flowers have names, but there is currently no confirmation or denial of their Firstborn status. They may have Awakened in HQ, and/or their names may simply be descriptions or honorifics.

Not Firstborn[]

These Flowers, while possessing names, are confirmed not to be Firstborn.