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The HQ Pool during the celebrations

On the 12th March 2008 HST, the Flowers celebrated the fifth anniversary of the PPC Posting Board. They did this by locking all the PPC's agents in their response centres and partying in the corridors of HQ.

The Queen Anne's Lace organised a walk to the HQ Pool, where various fertilizer delicacies and Bleeprin cocktails were available. Additionally, Weed-One of the Department of External Security held a race in the Large Auditorium. Despite the presence of a temporal plothole, which caused an alert message from Igor to arrive a day before he sent it, the Flowers quickly became, um, rather tipsy. Notably, the Queen Anne's Lace was seen flirting with the Daisy; the Marquis de Sod passed out after one drink.

The celebration ended on the morning of the 13th March when the League of Mary Sue Factories unleashed a macrovirus in HQ. Some of the Flowers, however, were still partying.


The Fifth Anniversary Celebration was originally conducted as a role-play on the PPC Board. Sadly, who played as who is not entirely remembered, but where memory holds, the appropriate Boarder's name is listed next to that of the character they played. Flowers (and one punctuation mark) known to have participated in the celebrations are: