The Fic Location Follower or FLF for short, is a device that allows agents to not be dragged along with temporal or geographical inconsistencies of the stories they enter. The FLF has three settings: auto, manual, and random. If the FLF is set to auto and a geographical rift occurs (such as changing locations without using a proper scene break), the agents are swooped off their feet and deposited in their new location. In the manual setting, agents can follow the events of the fic from a distance, i.e. from somewhere relatively safe in the fic, usually via the Words. The random setting means that agents sometimes are and sometimes are not affected by the effects of time and geographical rifts.

The FLF is waterproof. It has to be, because agents can be randomly tossed into a pond or a torrential rain storm. Its switch is, however, a bit wonky, meaning that it can reset itself when such is required by the Laws of Narrative Comedy.

Use in Missions Edit

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