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A man dressed as Father Christmas.

Father Christmas, in Christian and secular Western tradition, is also known as Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. He is usually depicted as a large fat man in a red coat and hat trimmed with white fur, with a bushy white beard and a distinctive laugh usually rendered in text as "ho ho ho." His job is to bring presents to children on the night of Christmas Eve.

Father Christmas appears as a character in The Chronicles of Narnia, and his incarnation in this continuum was able to suspend Tawaki Penguin's Bloodwrath as a gift.

In the Discworld continuum, Father Christmas's place in mythology is taken by the Hogfather, except on that occasion when Death had to fill in.

In the Doctor Who continuum, it is a puzzle as to whether Father Christmas exists. One episode seemingly dealt with him, only to reveal that it was all a shared dream. However, a tangerine does appear inexplicably, hinting that there is a Father Christmas, but that the one the Doctor and Clara encountered was not the genuine article.