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Farilan-Haothil-Esthine is a new intern in the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology. After her Z-space ship malfunctioned, causing her to arrive in HQ, she decided to stick around to study the primitive alien inhabitants.

She is written by Iximaz, but is available for borrowing as long as Iximaz gets to look over the bit she appears in first.


As a female Andalite, Farilan is of a much slimmer (and purpler) build than the males of her species. She's petite, standing at about five and a half feet tall (including the stalk-eyes), and her tail blade is rather small even compared to other females'. Like all other Andalites, Farilan resembles a cross between a centaur and a scorpion, if a centaur had four eyes, seven fingers on each hand, vertical slits instead of a nose, and no mouth.

As a human, she stands at a similar height and has a willowy build, with bright green eyes, glasses, and blonde hair pulled back in a severe bun. Her form of dress looks nothing less than that of a rather formidable librarian. She doesn't use this form very often, though; the only acceptable time is when she requires stronger arms, something Andalites lack.

Farilan as a human.


Farilan is, unfortunately, a rather stereotypical Andalite, with a superiority complex a mile wide and a massive, massive tendency to put down everything and everyone around her. She's none too pleased at being assigned to work under a human, and a child at that, but rationalizes that once she's proven she knows what she's talking about, she'll be made a full technician in no time.

She'll never admit it, but she is secretly rather impressed with some of the technology she works with on a daily basis. So of course the only thing she says about it is "The Andalites could do it better." For some strange reason, this has done nothing to endear her to her colleagues.


January 2016[]

  • Arrives in HQ.

November 2017[]

  • Acquires the ability to morph.