The Fangirl Fanfiction Translator™ or FFT™ was originally used by Al's Waiter in his MST of "Dauter of an ent."[1] As such, it is a trademark of Al's Waiter and should be attributed as such.

The FFT is a handheld gadget that resembles a large calculator from the 70's. It is a special translator that converts, to the best of its ability, teen, teeny-bopper, and generally misspelled words into real English with proper spelling and grammar. Example:

  • Fic: & she sed ‘i cant take the baby to valinor shell have 2stay here in middle earth’
  • FFT: And she send. "I can't take the baby to Valinor Shell. I have to stay in Middle-earth."

Caution: Excessive punctuation, including question marks, exclamation points, and any other abused punctuation can be harmful to the FFT. It might cause the end of the translator. Proper upgrades might solve this problem.


  1. MST: "Dauter of an ent"
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