The Fanfiction Academic Institute of Langley is the fanfiction university which serves the Bourne fandom. It is written by Chatvert. The Institute is abbreviated as FAIL, but always with each letter pronounced separately (Eff Ay Eye Ell as opposed to fail). Those who call it "fail" are in for a good smiting by the Ironic Overpower, probably with a lot of puns and some failure of their own.

The Institute is situated within the grounds of the CIA. It is run by Miss Alex, with assistance from Miss Sara, and occasionally the other three non-canon staff members: Miss Christine, Miss Stephanie, and Markoff. The minis are mini-Jackals, smallish wild dogs about the size of a largish housecat. Each mini-Jackal has a collar with a steel tag. On one side is the mini's name, and on the other is the crest of the Institute. The mini-Jackals came about after the realization that there are no real monsters in any of the Bourne canons, and thus the nickname of Carlos the Jackal was taken a little too literally. Miss Christine is in charge of the mini-Jackals. It is perhaps ironic that she dresses as Kuroudo Akabane from GetBackers, who is himself referred to as "Dr. Jackal." The staff likes meta-humor.

There is a particular person whose name must never be mentioned within the Institute, as speaking of him or his works lends him extra power. He is referred to as "the Abjured" by the staff. Rumor in FAIL has it that he's a failed student who continued to write fanfiction after his expulsion.

An unusual feature of this fanfiction university is that there are two sets of characters, the movieverse and the bookverse, due to both canons being so wildly divergent. There is no special emphasis placed on either canon. The staff claims that this is for twice the fun. The students complain that it is twice the pain. As usual, both are correct.

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