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Fanart is motivated by the same drive as fanfiction, but as the word implies, is art instead of writing. While fanfiction is mostly hosted on the Pit, fanart is mostly posted on deviantART.

Fanart includes singular drawings and comics.

While some fanart can be uncanonical, nonsensical, and even count as bad, PPCing fanart isn't practical, given that it can't really create a different world in the way that badfic can. A few attempts have been made to create a comic-style PPC mission, but they have all failed due to the intense amount of time and effort involved in such an undertaking.

PPC Fanart[]

PPCers in general are vastly creative people, so PPC fanart, whether of agents, Flowers, or other Protectors-related things, is very common. Some PPCers with deviantART accounts, and PPC art on them, are as follows:

Also, Pika, the famous fanartist of OFUM, keeps all her "Elves in Black Leather" pictures in a gallery on her dA account. WARNING: There's a picture of Gollum in black leather in there, too. View at your own risk.