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Boxart for the first Fallout game.

War. War never changes. —Unknown

Fallout is an RPG video game series initially created by Black Isle Studios in 1997. Following the folding of parent company, Interplay, the Fallout property was sold to Bethesda Softworks.

Radioactive fallout is something else altogether. Go here if you're curious about that.

General Overview[]

Fallout is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the United States that combines a 50s aesthetic with B-movie science. This results in sentient AIs powered by vacuum tubes, muscle cars with nuclear-powered engines, and radiation that creates giant mutant insects rather than just giving you cancer (although it can still kill a less-than-careful player).

The Fallout series allows for a great deal of character customization, including gender, skill levels, and general physical appearance. The games are also extremely open-ended when it comes to achieving goals. For example, say someone gives your character an assignment to kill another person. You could either kill the person without asking questions or go to that person and offer to double-cross your original employer. Or you could use diplomacy to solve their problems. Or you could kill them both. Or you could kill everyone in town.

Almost all of the games offer multiple endings. The most recent iteration, Fallout: New Vegas, has four possible major endings to choose from.

Canon vs. Noncanon[]

The switching of developers combined with a few rather shoddy titles and contradictory in-game details has resulted in several games or parts of games being declared noncanonical. Below is a list of those decisions.

  • The original Fallout is canon.
  • Most of Fallout 2 is canon, except for the bits that contradict the original Fallout or are so silly as to break the tone of the game.
  • The larger events detailed in Fallout Tactics are canon (such as a Brotherhood of Steel faction being near Chicago). The smaller details are not.
  • The entirety of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is noncanon.
  • The original ending of Fallout 3 (pre-Broken Steel DLC) is noncanon. The rest of the game and the other DLCs are canon.
  • Fallout: New Vegas is canon.

Fallout and the PPC[]

The Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV), the mutagenic bioweapon that creates super mutants, has been declared a forbidden substance. Any agent caught administering it to anyone will be severely punished.

Agents Native to this Continuum[]

There are currently four agents from the Fallout universe in the PPC:

Missions in this Continuum[]

All reports are listed alphabetically by agent name, in the case of agents with multiple missions, or by mission name.