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Faelwen Tathariel is an agent in the Department of Internal Affairs and a former badfic character. She is written by Oculus.


Faelwen is a Tolkien elf on the short side (somewhere around 5'2" and 5'3"). In her home continuum, she had long black hair, presumably in a traditional braided style, but she dyed it bright pink and got a Cleopatra haircut as soon as she got employed by the PPC; her other distinguishing feature is her silvery-grey eyes. On her first appearance as an agent she had worn armor, but she usually wears longcoats and lots of black otherwise.


Faelwen is a sweet, bubbly and outgoing person by nature, although there is a sadness to her that shows up whenever her past is being discussed. Having had shown a lot more kindness and general decency than pretty much anyone else in her home fic, she enjoys rescue missions more than any other, although she is always up for a chance to prove herself. As an agent, she is tough and relentless on missions, trying to balance out her lack of experience with professionalism. She also has some combat skills from before her PPC days, although the origins of this are somewhat unclear. In her downtime she loves to party with her friends and to study Multiverse cultures, particularly the Real World; she also loves anime, electronic music and k-pop, having taken up Korean to understand her favorite songs better. She is also fond of "hip" slang and memes, but her use of them is painful to say the least.


Faelwen had originated in a Tolkien badfic as the noncanonical younger sister of Legolas, named Sayri at the time. When the fic was purged from the canon by Agents Melissa Hurley and May, they identified Sayri as an original character rather than a Sue, and someone with a great deal more kindness and common sense than anyone else around her, canon or not; Melissa was the one tasked with recruiting her. Having been revealed as a canon intruder was a great personal blow to Sayri, but she agreed to start a new life in the PPC. As her first step, she asked Melissa to help her find a new, Tolkien canon-compliant name. Melissa had named her Faelwen ("generous maiden"), and she took up the name Tathariel ("daughter of the willow") by herself: while her memories of her past in Middle-earth were hazy at best - being an OC with very little backstory -, she decided to abandon everything she had known about herself except her fondness for the willow-trees of Mirkwood.

After saying goodbye to Melissa in the Department of Personnel office, Faelwen had disappeared from Response Center 746's life for a while. Melissa and May next encountered her as a full-fledged agent of the DIA Special Response Division on a disastrous mission in Middle-earth, where Faelwen and her supervisor Agent Ketevan had to rescue them from a noncanonical horde of orcs that the pair had unwisely decided not to deal with thanks to an emergency. After her reappearance, Faelwen and Melissa Hurley had started a fast-growing friendship.

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