This will be the new FAQ: On Writing. It's designed to answer questions about both writing in general and PPC writing in specific; in the latter sense it complements both the Mission Writing Guide and the Permission article.

What makes for good writing? Edit

What makes a good character? Edit

Main article: Characterization

What makes a good plot? Edit

Main article: Plot

What's important about SPaG? Edit

Main article: SPaG

How do I keep canons in-character? Edit

Main article: Characterization

What makes for bad writing? Edit

How do I get Permission? Edit

What is Permission needed for? Edit

Why do we have Permission? Edit

How do I request Permission? Edit

What should I include in my request? Edit

What happens if I'm denied Permission? Edit

What can I write in the PPC? Edit

Can I write a mission? Edit

Can I role-play? Edit

Can I make a new department? Edit

Can I revamp an un(der)used concept? Edit

Can I write an Emergency? Edit

How much can I change the status quo? Edit

How do I write a PPC mission? Edit

This will include broad answers, and then link to...

Is there a more in-depth guide? Edit

... well, that.

What's a beta? Edit

Why do I need a beta? Edit

How do I find a beta? Edit

Should I volunteer as a beta? Edit

What do I need to do as a beta? Edit

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