Extra Rings of Power are rings in Lord of the Rings fanfic that are uncanonical. In other words, extra rings.

These rings often equal the One Ring in power, but are 'good'. Alternatively, they might have abilities none of the rings mentioned in LotR canon exhibit. They may or may not be carried by an Extra Ringwraith.

Extra Rings of Power are created by Mary Sues and are often a popular collector's item among PPC agents due to their innate shininess. Some, such as the Ring of Sairalindë, can be used but not controlled.

It is worth noting that in canon, the Elves, in the process of learning to create their three Rings of Power, created an undetermined number of lesser magical rings, about which no details have ever been revealed. Thus, the 'creating extra rings' charge needs to be considered carefully and in full context. However, the key word here is 'lesser' – any extra ring that is equal to or stronger than any of the other Rings of Power is likely to be non-canon, given the fact that Gandalf described these lesser rings as 'mere essays in the craft of ring-making'. Intriguingly, one of Saruman's many self-proclaimed titles was 'Ring-maker', implying that he intended to make his own Rings of Power at some point in time.

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