The Evermind was Head of the Department of Finance from 1992, promoted from her job as a nurse after the Mysterious Somebody's rise to power, until 1998 HST, shortly before the Reorganisation. When Blue Photon discovered the Mary Sue Factory, he told Imbolc Telyan about it, and she subsequently told the Evermind. The Evermind began her own investigation of the department's archives, and found evidence of the Factory's existence and the funds it generated for Headquarters; unfortunately, the DIS discovered this, and she was murdered by one of their agents before she could tell the PPC at large about her findings. She was succeeded by the Bindweed. After the Clover took over the department following the Reorganisation, he elected to use the Evermind's image on the Finance flash patch.

The Evermind was one of the few Flowers to get along well enough with agents that she kept a chair in her office. She seemed to be particularly close to Imbolc.

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