Escher Room

The protagonist of the PPC Computer Game finds herself in an Escher Room.

An Escher Room is a room in HQ where the dimensions in the room and gravity have gone all twisty, similar to Escher's famous mindboggling paintings.

It's generally good advice to hurry through these rooms as quickly as you can, lest you start feeling nauseous, or in case you begin to fall upwards.

At one point, the Armory was located off an Escher Room. It may still be there.


Escher Rooms have been featured in "Techno-Dann's Backstory," the PPC Playscripte series, The Reorganisation, "Going Postal," and the PPC Computer Game. An Escher Room, apparently the same one as in the PPC Computer Game, also appeared in Marcus and Zodfang's second mission. There was a battle in an Escher Room during the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion, alluded to during the memorial party held on the one-year anniversary of the Invasion, where fifty agents tried to make a stand against hundreds of Sues. The agents fought valiantly, but they were eventually overwhelmed. The only survivor was Roy Berger, Agent Troy's partner.

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