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Erin's ID card.

Erin Mirestone was an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by Laureril, along with her partner, Maralys Deeppockets. Erin retired in 2003.

Agent Profile[]

Erin used to be a bit character from the Harry Potter continuum. She decided to join the PPC when she realized that there was more to existence than being "a Ravenclaw." Erin was present at the Battle of Canon in HFA and has attended a few other OFUs, just for good measure.


Erin has brownish hair and hazel eyes and, being a bit character, is in every way what you might imagine a stereotypical Ravenclaw to look like. She wears glasses and prefers Muggle clothes when she's not working. Often these features are lost behind a book.


Pre-PPC Life[]

Prior to joining the PPC, Erin was a bit character in a minor fic that was left unfinished. She realized that being "a Ravenclaw student" for the entirety of her existence was a rather boring way to go about things. She managed to figure out what was going on in her story and convinced a PPC agent that she wanted to join.

PPC Life[]

After her initiation, she was assigned to be a "floater" (more accurately a freelance assassin), most recently paired with Maralys Deeppockets. Maralys drove her constantly crazy because her things would just "end up in" Maralys' possession. During this time, she was also working part-time in the DCPS, Peredhil Section, and subsequently became quite good at dodging No-Drool videos. Eventually, Maralys moved on to co-headmistressing the OFUKrynn and Erin faded into retirement in mid-2003.

Mission Reports[]

Home: The Many Adventures of Maralys and Erin - ironically, only one is recorded.

Partnered with Maralys[]