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"I don't know nothing." —Anonymous
"Me fail English? That's unpossible!"Ralph Wiggum

We speak English good here. Being able to talk in English is kinda needed since a lot of books are in it and the PPC kind of needs to be able to read it and write it. Just in case.

Where's English Used?[]

It's what we in Amererica, Great Britland, Irland, Canadia, Austrailia, and New Zelland mostly talk in. Most other people talk in stuff like pigeon (if they are pigeons), Swahili, Indian (but not like the state of Indiana) or Chinese (but they might not understand you anyways since apparently there are two Chinese languages which is REALLY FUNNY).

Use of English[]

It's pretty much just used in classrooms.

Since we spend most of our time TYPING LIEK THIS.

Using good English means that your teachers don't give you Fs and Ds. You might even get the occasional B on a paper!

In Reality[]

If reading this article made you wish to go for the closest stabbing implement you could get your hands on, you have a fairly decent handle on the English language. Enough that actual misuse of it causes you pain you obviously wish to share with others.

Now please, don't maim me.

For more about good English, see spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
For more about bad English, see language butchering.

As a PPC Charge[]

A rather common charge for out-of-universe Mary Sues is "being literate in local," wherein the Mary Sue, despite having just dropped in from another world, automatically understands the local common tongue, when that common tongue is not English. Essentially, this means the Sue has forced the canons to speak English when they have no business doing so. A prime example of this is Middle-earth, where the fact that Westron is the common language is very commonly forgotten by badficcers.

The take-home lesson: just because the book is written in English doesn't mean that's what they're speaking.