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Emma Kaylan joined the PPC in February 2001.

Agent Profile[]


Little is known of Emma's history, but she is known to have studied Sindarin and Quenya for years before joining the PPC. She was accepted into the Special Interdepartmental Elven Languages Unit immediately, and is reported to have enjoyed the work immensely. She was involved in the 2003 Mary Sue Invasion, where she met up with several other agents to hold a barricade in a remote part of HQ.

At some point in early 2004 she met Jessie Lancaster, and soon the two began a relationship, each believing they had found their soulmates. Little is known of either woman's career or private life up until the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion, during which Emma was killed, and Jessie sustained a wound to the spine that nearly proved fatal.


A rather petite build — 5'4" — and a youthful face made Emma seem rather younger than she actually was. Long brown hair, unusually shaped brown eyes and a cheerful smile completed the appearance of a vivacious young woman.


Emma was primarily a very good-natured young woman, incredibly loving towards her friends and fiercely protective of Jessie. She was seen by most as the gentler and meeker of the two, but Jessie always regarded her as the stronger one, holding her lover together during times of great personal stress and encouraging her onwards.