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The Matrix Removing the Bug Scene HD

The Matrix's bug-removal device, which the EEK somewhat resembles, in action.

The Embryo Extraction Kit or EEK, colloquially known as the debugger, is used by the Department of Improbabilities, Department of Bad Slash, and any other needy departments to correct uncanonical pregnancies, especially MPreg.

The EEK uses matter transfer technology to move an embryo or fetus from the uncanonical parent to a suitable receiver. It's a rather unwieldy affair consisting of two needles, resembling the bug removal devices in The Matrix, each on one end of a long, clear tube.[1] One end goes into the navel of the pregnant character. The other goes into the navel of the natural mother[1] or a surrogate[2] if one is available and willing; otherwise, the EEK may be paired with a special tank[3] or jar[4] that receives the discorporated fetus, or directly with an artificial womb.[5] There is a "large, blue, candy-like button" at the receiving end of the device.[1] This is pressed to initiate the matter transfer, which looks like glitter flying through the tube accompanied by a squelching sound.[1] It is perfectly painless and efficient.[1]

Viable fetuses removed by the extractor are taken to the Nursery[3][4] for rearing within artificial wombs (sometimes referred to as "uterine replicators").[4] If a fetus has undergone an unnaturally fast gestation or is otherwise biologically incompatible with life outside of a badfic, it may be placed in an Illogical Incubator.

Use in Missions[]

Listed in chronological order according to when they take place on the HQ Standard Timeline, as near as can be determined.


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