Elvira Flameheart Magiseer, AKA Elvira Rainsong, was a Mary Sue slain by Agents Jay and Acacia. She appeared in a Lord of the Rings badfic.

Character History Edit

Elvira, the Magiseer, was "the most powerful sorcerer in the whole of Middle-Earth, the Ruler of all Magical Peoples of Middle-Earth, the Chosen of the Fates." In other words, a blatant godplayer. She was an elf who took the form of a red and black dragon, and was fond of using magic to smack around anyone who didn't bow to her will. She was responsible for trying to send the Fellowship on a quest to try to collect the "Elemental Crystals" to defeat the "Heir of Sauron."

Charges Edit

Elvira and Silavren were (posthumously) charged with "being psycho-feminists, with being Mary Sues of the nth degree, of shape-changing gratuitously, of detaining two right and noble beings in Middle-earth, and of banging one of the aforesaid right and noble beings about like a ragdoll. Actually, that last just applies to YOU, Elvira, as well as being a godplayer, making up fates, making up a title, being a tyrant, being an all-around bitch, upstaging the canon characters, making up a sweet and gentle race of dragons, and generally screwing over canon."

Character Demise Edit

Jay and Acacia portaled Elvira to the lair of Glaurung, where she was promptly roasted.

Mission Report Edit

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