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Elrond tends to fight it, have you noticed? It's Vilya; I think the Sues never know what to do with it... or know he has it...
Jay Thorntree, "Children of the Earth"

Elrond Peredhil (Half-elven) is a canon character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. He is the Lord (lord, mind you, not king) of Rivendell and a master of lore and healing. He convened the Council that decided to send the Fellowship to Mordor.

In Canon[]

He is kind, good, and wise. He is also in possession of Vilya, one of the Three Rings. He is the father of Arwen, Elladan, and Elrohir, and his wife was Celebrían, the daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn. He had a brother, Elros, who chose a mortal life and became the first King of Númenor (known as Elros-Tar-Minyatur), making him the very, very distant forefather of Aragorn.

In Badfic[]

He is grumpy, hidebound, prejudiced, often a Designated Misogynistic Bastard, and also often married to Galadriel in Movieverse fics whose author has not really been paying attention. He frequently pushes Aragorn into marrying Arwen (or vice versa), despite this being almost directly contrary to both book and movieverse canon. In at least some badfics, he has molested Arwen.

Elrond's possession of Vilya seems to allow him to resist Suefluence somewhat, despite living in Middle-earth's Mary Sue Central.

In Bad Slash[]

In badslash he is usually paired with either Legolas or Glorfindel (depending on whether or not the badficcer knows about Glorfindel).


Elrond at OFUM.

He is the Lust Object of a good number of agents, most famously including Agent Jay Thorntree, who was actually able to get an autograph from Elrond during the eighth TOS mission while in disguise. Despite this, though, he doesn't seem to actually know about the PPC.

At the Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth, Elrond is one of the more notorious teachers due to his fervour for the material, subsequent strictness in class, and his legacy of assigning absolutely unholy amounts of homework. He teaches many of the more central-concept classes such as Numerology 101, which emphasizes the importance of numbers in Tolkien's canon (especially in cases like the Fellowship having nine members. ONLY nine. Never ten, or eleven. Nine).