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Ellipsia is a former bit character recruited under unknown circumstances from a (fictional) Warcraft badfic.

Agent Profile[]


In her badfic, Ellipsia was a paladin and the best friend of the Sue, constantly being Suefluenced and overshadowed by her. She was recruited by Nathan and his partner and subsequently dropped off at FicPsych. Eventually, she was given an RC where she could stay until they found a partner for her, fearing that she would be too unstable to do even one solo mission. Instead, they gave her World of Warcraft.

For some reason, she was paired with Nathan of all people. So far, they seem to be working together well.


Considering her origin, Ellipsia is rather stable. She can take a fair amount of squick without showing any reaction, but that might just be willpower. On the other hand, her Bleeprin intake is still higher than that of most other agents. She overshadows the horror with snark and/or endless rants. The only things she shows serious reactions to are abuse of canons and ideals she respects or at least likes.

When in a rage, Ellipsia might slip in and out of chat speak, use gamer terms, or curse by the Holy Light.

In her second mission, it is revealed that she still has nightmares over her time as her Sue's BFF.


Ellipsia possesses all the skills one should expect from a Warcraft paladin, even though they are much stronger when she's in her home continuum where Light and canon support her.

Mission Reports[]

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Older missions also located here.

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