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Elizabeth Swann: from fainting corsets to felling corsairs

Elizabeth Swann (later Elizabeth Turner) is the heroine of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. She is the daughter of Governor Swann, the love interest of Will Turner and James Norrington, and an all-round swashbuckling lady. She eventually becomes King of the Pirates after going through a lot of character development, rocky bits in her relationship, marrying Will Turner, and losing Will Turner when he becomes the captain of The Flying Dutchman. After the end of the series, she bears Will Turner's child.

In canon Elizabeth is hot-tempered, quick to act, brave, intelligent, and independent. She is a fair hand with most weapons, can sail, and isn't bad at strategy, either. Despite several typically Sue-like characteristics, Elizabeth isn't one. She has flaws and failings and is an interesting, complex character. You can read more about her full story here.

Elizabeth did not appear in the fourth movie, On Stranger Tides. Because her character development and story arc is complete, it is likely she will not appear in any future additional materials, either.

Elizabeth Swann and the PPC Edit

Elizabeth is often Sued in fandom, quite by accident for the most part. Often, she becomes a perfect Warrior!Sue or even a Feminist!Sue. Sometimes she can be seen as a Helpless!Sue (with intentions of being rescued by somebody) or a matchmaker!Sue (with intentions of setting up two male characters in romance), as well. She has a canon love interest, but other shippers may prefer her with Jack or Norrington.

She may also be taken out of the picture entirely (or simply forgotten!) by an author who would rather concentrate on the relationship between Will and Captain Jack Sparrow, or because they'd rather see their OC on Will's or Jack's arm. A slash fic involving Will needs to explain her absence properly. In bad slash, she is treated much the same Arwen is: either forgotten, or bashed into unsuitability.

In extreme cases, she may become a shrewish witch whose only purpose in life is to steal Will from the true love of his life: a Sue, Jack, or Norrington. Often she is foiled and ridiculed simply to show how pure the slash coupling is, and how 'bad' a person she was in the first place.

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