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Not to be confused with Elizabeth Swann.

Elisabeth was one of the first human agents in the PPC. With her partners Anya and Osbert, she made up the original human Action team, working in the Department of Bad Slash. Elisabeth switched to a new team as soon as one was available, and is believed to have since left the PPC.

Agent Profile[]


None of Elisabeth's appearances so far describe her. She is known to be athletic and quick on her feet - she was actively involved in LARP, and on her unexpected arrival in HQ, she was able to vault a workbench with no time to prepare.[1]


Elisabeth exhibited a somewhat scathing and even sarcastic attitude towards the circumstances of her recruitment, in contrast to Anya's cheerful acceptance of the situation.[1] When the prospective agents came into disagreement with the Queen Anne's Lace, Elisabeth's approach was simple: state the facts as she wished them to be, and refuse to accept any argument.[1] She also seemed to have a sceptical nature, as she was quick to point out that nothing about the PPC made any sense.[1]

Agent History[]

Before coming to HQ, Elisabeth was a waitress in an unknown part of World One, and roleplayed as a hobby; this led to her friendship with Anya, though they weren't especially close.[1] While LARPing with Anya, Elisabeth fell into Headquarters through a portal opened by Makes-Things.[1] Initially mistaken for 'Merry Pseudos', they were ultimately offered a job by the Flowers as the first human Action agents.[1] At Anya's insistence, the pair joined the Department of Bad Slash, as a trio with Osbert.[1]

Elisabeth did not work well with Anya; as soon as three more non-Flower agents were available, she transferred to the Department of Improbable Crossovers.[2] Her career after that point is unknown, though she seems to have eventually left the PPC in some manner.