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A Middle-earth elf, LotR elf, or Tolkien elf is an elf that comes from the Lord of the Rings continuum. They live to great ages, but tend to have an ageless look to them. They are also wise and graceful, and they possess an almost otherworldly beauty, at least in the eyes of mortals. Because of this, many Sues try to pretend to be elves.

Notably, their ears are leaf-shaped. While this does most likely mean they are pointier than the average human ear, they're certainly nothing like as long as, say, Warcraft elves'. It's not as big a deal as many, many badficcers like to make out, not compared to the aforementioned traits. If an elf of Arda is only recognizable by their ears, it is a charge.

In Tolkien's works, the plural of 'elf' is elves, and the descriptive form is elven. Sometimes these words are capitalised, sometimes they aren't. Lowercase is correct when referring to elves as a species, just like 'human'. Uppercase is correct when referring to the Elves as a people. Elvish refers to any of the Elvish languages (e.g., Sindarin and Quenya), and thus is always capitalised.

Types of Elf[]

Elves in Middle-earth come in several varieties. The most notable of these are the Noldor (Deep/High Elves) and Sindar (Grey Elves). Most of the named elves in LotR and The Hobbit are one or the other of these. Other types appear in The Silmarillion.

Noldor are typically dark-haired and grey-eyed, though they may also have yellow or, rarely, red hair. They were among those who travelled to Valinor and beheld the Two Trees, but many of them followed Fëanor back to Middle-earth in pursuit of the Silmarils. They are known for their wisdom and skill at crafts of metalworking and jewellery. Named Noldor include Elrond and Galadriel.

Sindar are often fairer than their cousins, having yellow or silver hair. They travelled as far as the westernmost shores of Middle-earth on the journey to Valinor, but no further, because their leader had fallen in love with a Maia named Melian and strayed a long time in her wood. Having never been to Valinor, they are not as wise or skilled as the Noldor, but still a fair and noble people. Named Sindar include Thranduil, Legolas, and possibly Celeborn (depending on which version of his story you read).

Elf Agents[]

There are a number of elves and half-elves that work or have worked in the PPC. Most of them are Noldor, but there are a few Sindar, too.